Monday, June 29, 2009


We've made an effort to limit Nate's sugar intake during his first year with us. Now that he's 2, we allowed a little sugar here and there but still not as much as I've seen other kids eating. It's amazing how sugar and bad starches affect children's behavior. Nate has been pretty easy to manage and I think that's partly because we've tried to make healthy choices from day one.

However.....what's summertime without ice cream? This is a rare treat, even for us and with the temps in the low 100's....well, I couldn't resist. Nate understands how rare a treat it is. He devoured the entire cone!

Mmmm....cookies & cream!

He can't stand sticky hands

Ugh....I can't stand sticky hands either. haha




I did make sure he ate salad for lunch!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Don wanted to go camping for Father's Day so we just got back from a fun weekend in Alpine, AZ. We've been coming here since our first year of married life back in '90, and have loved it ever since. This was Nate's first time camping and he had a blast! We camped at Luna Lake & Don went fishing while Nate and I went hiking. I was afraid it would be hot because the weather was predicting the low 90's but I'm glad they were wrong. It was cold at night and around 83 during the day. Perfect!! Don caught 6 trout..threw 3 back so we had the rest for breakfast.

Nate caught a beetle bug, showed it to me, then a few minutes later said, "I put bug in the big truck!" I said, "WHAT??!?" Our truck was our "tent" so all I could think about was some bug crawling on my face during the night. ha. Here's some photos for you. More cool nature photos on my photo blog:

Bear Wallow Cafe. Our first time there was 1990...great eats!

Hiking the South Fork trail

Cool place to rest

What's camping without the Beanee Weenee's?

Nice catch!

Fishing at Nelson Reservoir near Alpine

Squirrel got into our cooler!

Tasty steak dinner thanks to Chef Sullivan

Making Smores

Our makeshift "tent"

The fish that dad caught

Campsite on Luna Lake

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Happy Father's day to all you dads out there! I'm very proud to have a great hubby & father to our son....a positive spiritual influence, a fun & playful dad and a great leader. Thanks babe!

Friday, June 19, 2009


More fun at the zoo!

See my warty pig stamp?

Hmmmm....strange turtle

Just like his momma

Cooling down at the splash pad


Giving his ticket to the conductor

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, 2 years later I am FINALLY piecing together Nate's Good Wishes quilt! I have a high respect for quilters after this. I am definitely lacking in patience when it comes to quilting and it's not totally straight and even, but I am determined to finish it this year. I showed the partially completed quilt top to Nate and he immediately started pointing out things that he liked.....Nemo, trains, motorcycles, race cars...that makes it worth it to me!

Now I have to figure out a border and wait until I can use my coupon at the fabric store to get quilt batting. That stuff is expensive! The squares are the size of a toddler bed, which was my original goal, but when we get a house, we will transition him to a twin bed so I have to make it larger. Thus...more quilt batting. 

It was fun for me to see all the squares that many of you sent to Nate and remember the wishes and notes that you included. 


Today we took a break from the hot summer temps (although it's only been in the mid-90's....unusual for Tucson) and took a day trip to Madera Canyon, south of the city. We have never been there and I wanted to check it out. It was 10 degrees cooler, breezy and pretty in the canyon area. You can only drive up about 5400 ft...or maybe it was 4500, I can't remember. But there are a few picnic sites, lodging and numerous hiking trails along the road. We stopped at the highest picnic site, had lunch and I took Nate on a short hike while Don caught up on some reading.

We saw lots of birds, 3 deer and just enjoyed the day. Here's some pics for you.

Just a SIP, Nate!

This is MY stick!

Getting tired.....I meant, me!

Working on his tan, haha.

See Nate at the bottom?

Great place for a good read