Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

"Hello Denise? This is Angie from CHI. I have your husband on the line and great news for you!"

Heart racing. Sweaty palms. This is THE phone call adoptive parents wait for. And then the BIG NEWS....

WE'RE GETTING AN 18mo LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!! What an adrenaline rush! Its so hard to be calm and listen to the details the agency is giving you over the phone. Then a mad rush to check your email and there they are... pictures of a beautiful little boy with enormous dark eyes and big smile staring back at you. 

We are over the top excited! In about 6 months, Nate will have a little brother!!!!

I would LOVE to post pix but we cannot do that until the adoption is approved in Ethiopian court (about 4 months from now).

I also know we have a huge adjustment coming... attachment/bonding issues, language barriers to overcome, sibling rivalry & jealousy...along with normal crazy 2 yr old behavior. I may have to dye my gray hairs more often! haha. 

For now, I will look at those photos and thank God for a great blessing this Thanksgiving. 

TWO sons!! I'm so excited!!!!!