Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Can someone please stop time for a few minutes? It's going too fast! I didn't realize how many people read this blog until I kept hearing people tell me that either they read it or their friends/family read it. Sorry for the lag in posts! 

After many conversations, we've decided to put a bid on a house!! We're currently renting and I know our rent is going to go up again. With the housing market the way it is, it's a great time to buy and get low rates. So last Monday, we put a bid on a house about 8 miles NW of us. It's in a developing rural area (Marana) and you can get a nearly new house for awesome prices. We're the 2nd bidder on the house so the bank has to choose & we're just waiting to hear something. I'm just anxious to get off this pothole rutted dirt road and into a neighborhood with other kids for Nate. 

Speaking of the Natester, I cannot believe how fast this kid is developing. 2 days ago, he was repeating his bedtime prayer after me and today he is reciting the entire thing by himself...with no prompting from me! This is how it goes:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
May angels watch me through the night
And keep me in their blessed sight
God bless.....
....and about that time, Nate's eyes scan the room to add whatever he can think of to be blessed..the clock, the fish, the numbers, the airplane, James (from Thomas the train)...etc. It's hilarious. 

He can recognize any letter of the alphabet on any object or sign, says his ABC's, can count to 20 (and beyond but skips numbers after that point), recognizes his colors and shapes and various objects. His memory is sharp...I don't think it's photographic but it's definitely strong. The other day we were with our friends & their kids and their son came up to me and asked for water. I told him to go tell his mom and Nate said, "Jamie get J.J. water". I couldn't believe it. Nate put it together that Jamie was J.J.'s mom. Then he saw her flip flops in the living room & he said, "Oh no! Jamie shoes." I never once pointed out her shoes and didn't even know he noticed. Apparently he notices more than I realize. Doh! He is also repeating everything...I mean everything from anyone or the tv. Yikes! So those of you in Tucson...be careful what you say around him. haha. One day he'll be reminding me of my words and/or promises. Doh!

He is very meticulous about eating, cleaning up and putting things in their proper place. If I randomly put something somewhere, he will get it and put it back where it belongs. haha. He can put all the silverware away by himself and loves to help anyone. He'll help me with the dishes, laundry, and he'll help people at church put away chairs, move stuff, whatever...he loves to help. He can brush his teeth by himself (with a little help w/the toothpaste), use the bathroom by himself, get dressed by himself (although for some reason, he hates to do this and is usually crying during the entire process). 

Lately, he's been having more of a sense of humor. He'll do random funny things and crack himself up. He's also climbing, running and jumping everywhere. That's another reason I want a better, fenced in yard and a play set! All that climbing and running has earned him a bruise or scrape nearly every week but it doesn't stop him. He's a solid 33lbs and 36" tall..and heavy! Definitely not a lightweight.

On Saturday, we took him to his first orchestra concert and he loved it! A friend's son was playing in the AZ All-state orchestra. These are the best in the state & you have to audition for it. Nate was riveted when the band started playing and would clap and do the standing ovations with us and say "More music!" After the 1st hour though, we had to keep the Goldfish train going to keep him still. haha. After all, he's still only 2-1/2! After the concert, the family invited us to Neo's (Malaysian food). AWESOME! They were impressed that Nate ate his fill of Malaysian bread, octopus salad, Panang noodles & shrimp, calamari...seriously, this kid can pack it away. He loved it all and to my surprise, was in a fairly good mood considering it was late and he didn't take a good nap that afternoon. 

I will try to post a video soon of Nate talking. Most of the time I can understand his "language" but the other day, he ran up to me saying "Fish kin! Fish kin!" Don I and I spent the next 30 min. trying to decipher that. This is how it went:

Nate: Fish kin!
Us: Fishing?
Nate: No! Fesh kin!
Us: Finished?
Us: Can you show us?
Nate: Noooo! Fish kin!
Us: *trying to play it off* Oh! Fish kin, ok.
Nate: *his face turning into a frown, stomping his feet and crying* No! Fish kin! *waaaaahhh!*

Finally we just gave up and tried to comfort him after he melted into a frustration fit. A few minutes later I was in the kitchen and Nate comes in and points to the cabinet under the sink. Fish Kin! I said "Are you saying TRASH CAN?" Nate says "Yes! Fish Kin!" 

And so the next few minutes we work on his pronunciation of TRASH CAN. *sigh*

Life with the Natester is never dull.   :-)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh, to be a kid again....then again, what's stopping us?

Monday, April 13, 2009


This was after the last church service and Nate wasn't interested in smiling. haha. These are all the shirts I made that kept me up insanely late to finish at the last minute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009



What a totally awesome day! When I finally sat back, relaxed and reflected on everything that happened, I felt really good about today. We had a big crowd at church...about 260!! (normal attendance is approx 170). AND we had a baptism! What a way to celebrate a "new birth".

At church they had an egg hunt for the kids and Nate was totally on a mission...filling up his bucket until he could barely carry it. haha. We let him keep 2 of the eggs but the rest we are giving to the Gospel Rescue Mission. He doesn't need THAT much candy...although he had a great time tearing into the mini Snickers bar and jelly beans in the eggs he kept. I was bummed that I forgot my camera this morning but borrowed one from a couple of friends, so I will have more pix to show later.

This morning he found his Easter basket and was more interested in the Thomas train movie in it than the candy. Priorities!! But he did enjoy his Peep and ate his chocolate bunny's ears this afternoon.

Yesterday we were stressed to the max trying to get everything together. Don was putting last minute touches at the church...planting flowers, setting up tables and getting materials ready for the 40 Days of Purpose to distribute. After our kick-off pancake breakfast, he couldn't find a new shirt he wanted so I offered to make him one. To my surprise, he thought that was a great idea so the WHOLE family made a trip to the fabric store. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see this day (Don HATES the fabric store). I should've taken a photo to commerate it. ha! I got a pattern that said "3-hour shirt" so I thought, I can do that. Well, 7 HOURS LATER....I finally finished the shirt, hemmed his pants and finished my blouse. Why do I do this to myself??? It all turned out great and my guys looked sharp in their new shirts! Photo coming soon.

I am thankful for our day off tomorrow! Whew!


The Easter bunny was good to mom too!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm a bit of a purest when it comes to coloring eggs. I've tried the kits before and can't stand them, so I like coloring eggs the traditional way, with vinegar/water & food dye. Nate wanted sooo bad to help and for a 2 yr old, he did pretty good but the kid doesn't know his own strength. He got so excited and I had to keep on him to stir SLOWLY and be GENTLE! He was getting a little frustrated because he doesn't like to listen to instructions when he wants to dive into a project. It was fun though and he was so proud of his egg masterpiece!



Wednesday, April 8, 2009


To my friend Alyssa....thanks for the photo of you & the Easter bunny. I liked the egg ornament you made but I really liked the stickers the BEST!

~Love Nate


Too soon, if you ask me. This past month has been nuts! I am totally submerged in art, Easter, creating marketing materials for 40 Days of Purpose that our church is doing. It's exciting and exhausting at the same time. I like being busy but at times, forget to include God in my busyness....i.e. I try to do it all myself and man is that stressful!

I love seeing God do big things. When negative things start happening before a God-sized event, it's just confirmation to me that God is prepared to go above and beyond our expectations, if we're willing to believe it can happen and keep moving forward. I get annoyed by complacency in people....especially ones who love to complain. I'm hoping to see God light some fires underneath a few people and help them see how how “full” they can be when they take a leap of faith for God. Once you do that, it's hard to go back to being partially-committed. If you do, it's like a big pit of emptiness inside and you know the only thing that can fill it.

I finished Nate's Easter shirt and need to get started on my dress. Or maybe a blouse. Haven't decided yet. I guess I could make both and whichever one happens to fit, will be the one I wear. haha. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today we went to the Children's Museum for a friend's birthday and Nate had a blast! 

What's goin' on down there?

Figuring out how the train bell works.

Wooo Wooo!!

Climbing the rock wall...he put one foot one & decided that was a "no".

Stacking pizzas.

Our 15 seconds of fame.

Taking a break

Making a personalized cup

Playing the steel drum

This was a cool submarine console...lots of buttons and switches.

Watch out babe!