Monday, April 15, 2013

Patience Required

Our adoption agency in-country staff has told the US Embassy that our son's finder could not be found. They are requesting that the Embassy either interview the police officer involved or the orphanage where he was first taken to. Please pray that the Embassy accepts their request so we can move forward with this. Thanks!


Well we just found out we have the adoption glitch we were hoping to avoid. The U.S. Embassy wants to interview the person who found our son (to make sure everything is legit). The problem, is that when we traveled to Dire Dawa, the police officer could not find her. She was no longer at the "house" where he was found. So basically, this means we wait...

1. We wait for the Embassy to finish searching for the person who found Misbay.
2. If give up searching for her, they may decide to interview the police officer & review the police report
3. If they decide that's insufficient, our case will be sent to Nairobi for orphan processing

We have no idea how long this will take but we were told it could possibly take anywhere up to 6 months. Praying it doesn't take that long. Our adoption agency said they've never had a case thrown out from the Embassy so we just have to be patient (something I'm not very good at!)

Thanks for your prayers!