Saturday, March 27, 2010

Successful Day!

We had a successful, fun (and WINDY) event. Several people came by to help out, pass out Easter invites & donate to the Fill the Truck fundraiser. At one point, we put Nate in the stroller with a sign & walked to Walmart to get toiletries to donate. ha!

One of the highlights was meeting the owner (Paul) of the nearby restaurant, Cafe Tremolo. They opened a month ago and are gearing their restaurant toward supporting musicians. I'm just glad to have a nearby restaurant with live music and no big screen tvs. Paul donated food to the fundraiser and brought us a round of apricot iced tea...even a little cup for Nate (who happens to love iced tea). Fender guitars from famous musicians grace the walls of Paul's restaurant. I think we just found our next place for a date night!

I'm thankful for everyone who participated in this event and we're already planning how to make it bigger & better for next time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

FILL THE TRUCK for the needy & homeless in Tucson!

Help us FILL THE TRUCK for a great cause!
This Saturday, March 27
9am - 3pm
Foothills Mall-Walmart parking lot

Bring your bags of toiletries and/or food to the Walmart parking lot
at the Foothills Mall this Saturday!

All donations will benefit Interfaith Community Services (ICS) & Gospel Rescue Mission.

Look for the balloons & trucks in the lot nearer La Cholla. Below is a list of toiletries needed. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, bars of soap, bandaids, peroxide, antiseptic (neosporin), combs/brushes, lotion, antibac hand gel, mouthwash, hand towels, socks, diapers, kleenex, baby bottles, formula, diaper rash cream, shampoo, baby powder, feminine hygeine products....etc.

Air Show!

Well finally, I am able to post something. Couldn't get Blogger to work a few days ago & was frustrating me. Last Sat, we went to the Tucson Air Show at the Davis Montham AFB. It was awesome & I think Nate really enjoyed it. My dad was a captain in the Air Force & he took us to the air shows in Phx when we were kids. It took us an hour to get into the base...TONS of people but I heard if we had arrived a few hours earlier, it was a 2-3 hr wait! The highlight, of course, were the Thunderbirds and they did not disappoint! Here's a link to PHOTOS.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Spring must be right around the corner because my seasonal sinus infection just announced its arrival. I wish I could treat it the same way I do the people selling steaks at my door. Just say "No thanks...not interested". But it looks like it's here to stay for awhile. Sun is shining right now & I am making an effort to hop on my bike nearly every day & take Nate to a nearby park. I pack lunch for us & get my picnic fix too. I realized how out of shape I am as I'm huffing & puffing on a straight stretch of road. haha.

We've made arrangements with our friends who have 2 kids (J.J. is the one in the previous posts), to swap kids every Friday for sleepovers. That gives us optimum couple time! Staying out as late as we want without having to rush back to relieve a babysitter. We started that 2 weeks ago & it was awesome!! We had dinner & dessert and as we left at 9:30pm, we decided, "Hey!! Let's go see a movie!" Now for those of you with teens or no kids, that may not seem very late but when your child has to be in bed by 8pm, late nights are few & far between. We saw "The Book of Eli"...very good! And a nice plot reveal at the end. At 11:30 we debated whether to go somewhere else but we were too tired. ha! It was nice easing into the next morning without having to jump up & get breakfast together & the kid dressed. I'm loving this arrangement!

This weekend, I'm excited to take Nate to the military air show at Davis-Montham Air Force Base. My dad used to take us when we were kids & we loved seeing the Blue Angels air show. the Thunderbirds will be here to perform & I can't wait! Nate loves planes so I know he'll get a kick out of it. My dad was a captain in the Air Force so I'm a bit partial to it.

That's it for now. Here's a new album on Facebook with recent photos: SPRING 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Nate & his friend J.J. are only 6 months apart & have been friends ever since we brought Nate home. maybe they didn't have much choice at the time (*chuckle*) but they get along pretty well for the most part. Nate likes to boss J.J. around & J.J. is learning how to stand up for himself. ha!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner Conversations with Nate

***************UPDATE: I fixed the 2nd video*********

Dinner with Nate Part I

Dinner with Nate Part II

Be Prepared in all Things

" prepared in season and out of season..." 2 Timothy 4:2

That scripture was running through my head all weekend. On Saturday, our worship leader, Danny, called distressed.....his wife had just given birth to a son & had pre-clympsia (high blood pressure). He wouldn't be able to lead worship on Sunday as they were keeping her longer in the hospital & he needed to be with her.

The other praise team member who has led worship in the past, was out of town. What were we to do? I had co-led with the other praise team member but never led worship. At first we thought, well, we have some praise & worship DVDs we could use.....but then I thought, I need to run this by our band members.

Without hesitation, every one of them agreed to make this work & pulled together to assist me in leading. I got to the church at noon but all my music & iTunes were at home. We found songs that were in my voice range (I tell Danny I have a "man-voice" & he corrects me & says, no, it's contra alto. haha). People came out of the woodwork offering to help sing, play an instrument, re-arrange the slides, etc. We put together an emergency rehearsal early Saturday night to work out kinks. I went home & practiced, practiced, practiced until I had the music memorized & was too tired to keep my eyes open. Unfortunately, I was still nervous & my over active brain was going so I got very little sleep.

I am so thankful for our team here at PRCC & their willingness to step up to the plate. This weekend was definitely a challenge for me & test of my faith, but honestly, despite the stress, I secretly enjoyed it! The church was singing their heart out & we had a great time on Sunday.

After church, the adrenaline high I had for the past 24 hours came crashing down & I slept all afternoon until the Oscars came on. haha. I'm happy to turn the reins back to Danny, and there are a few things I would've done differently for the service, but God pushed my abilities beyond what I thought I could do. Now I know I can step up to this bat if needed. From now on though, I will try to remember to be prepared for all things....especially when you least expect it!

Thankfully, Danny's wife is doing better & they are all home enjoying their beautiful son, Isaiah.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is a belated post but just wanted everyone to see our blogger friends CUTE CUTE little girl, Jennifer, who they recently brought home from China after a 4 yr LONG wait! Congrats Mike, Kacie & Jacob! She's a beauty!