Thursday, April 29, 2010

They're Baaaaaack

It really creeped me out to take this shot...
seriously the zoom lens was as far out as it would go!

A friend told me that bees in trees are in transition and will move on in about 4-5 days. Well those bees in our neighbor's trees did their water meter, where they stayed for about a week. Then, a day ago, I pulled into our driveway and right as I was about to get out, my parents called. I stayed in the car talking on my cell while Nate dozed in the backseat. As I was chatting with them, I noticed small black things swirling through the air. They seemed to be coming from our tree next to the garage so I looked closer.

Yep...there they were swarming in a frenzy all through the tree....the BEES. I knew they'd form another cluster soon but I didn't want to get out in the middle of their frenzy. So I backed the truck out of the driveway and parked along the street. I'm so paranoid! Sure enough, they formed their nest and were still in the tree the next day. We decided to leave them "bee" (ha. sorry bad pun) and see where they decide to move on. Hopefully it will be somewhere other than our house!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PRCC Family Fun Day

Our church had the first family fun day at the Pima County Fair in Tucson. It was our first time to the fair and we had a great time. Nate was the perfect age to enjoy everything. Here's all the photos on facebook for you: FAMILY FUN DAY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Me to a "T"

Although I'm not an only child, I am the eldest child and the post on this blog is me to a "T". I also see similar characteristics in Nate.


I am the type of person who wants to get involved with many things...only to become ineffective in many of them! My friend calls that "Clark Griswold" thinking. haha. Being a pastor's wife, it's very easy for me to become over involved. My parents have always volunteered at church and encouraged my brother and I to do the same. There was one point in time, early in our marriage, when we experienced burnout & decided to take a "break" from serving. That was a mistake though. We've never felt more empty during that time & vowed not to do that again. is tricky finding a balance between family, work and serving.

My natural inclination is to immediately jump in and get involved with things...seminars, events, work days, classes.... but I quickly find myself becoming stressed out, trying to figure out how keep my promises. I've been finding myself short on time lately, so being a natural list maker, I decided to make a list of my commitments in an attempt to manage my time.

Let's see.....
1. Worship team ( band practice every week)
2. Mission team
3. Big Idea team (worship planning)
4. Vision meetings once a month
5. Connection Group every week
6. Various Sunday serving
7. Working full time as a licensed artist
8. Making coffee bag purses (in my spare time. ha!)
9. Managing a 3 yr old as a stay-at-home-work-at-home mom (gee, I think he's been in the bath long enough now. doh!).
10. Designing all the graphics & art for the church marketing materials (bulletin, signs, posters, connection cards, flyers, web graphics, facebook, etc.)
11. Attending various events and/or assisting with them as they arise (Valentines dinner, Easter, Family Fun Day....)
12. Keeping up with my blog & facebook (for out of town family & friends)


I seem to be leaving out the most important thing. Time with God. How can I be effective in any one of the above items if I don't take time for God? Oh sure, I pray (although many times, it's a quick on-the-spot prayer), attend my weekly Connection Group and read books about spiritual things. But my personal time with God and the Bible is seriously lacking. And I'm a pastor's wife!

Time to make a change. I encourage all of you to make out your list and see what's eating up your time.

Oh and by the way.......PLEASE do not be offended if I politely turn down an invitation to either attend, lead or assist in an event.

There are so many wonderful opportunities and events and I would love to be a part of them all, but my human limitations prevent me from doing that. Nor would God want me to be. I would rather be very effective in a few things and give others the chance to be effective in other ministries. I will be happy to support & encourage others to attend events, assist and serve. But I will not be a hindrance or stumbling block by over extending myself and sacrificing my husband, my child or my time with God.

I encourage you to pray and let God reveal to you where he wants you to serve best. Sometimes, the place he wants us to serve may change from time to time. In a small church, it's easy to get roped into doing the same thing every time, every week, for months on end. But I think it's good to take a sabbatical from a certain ministry and be open to serving in another for a time. In an effort to assist our children's ministry, I took a sabbatical from the praise team for a year or so. I loved singing and playing my bass, but I also wanted to be open to serving in another area. I enjoyed seeing the kids classes grow, meeting new people and learning how to lead kids. But I also knew that the ministry would not grow if it were just myself leading it, so I enabled others to take over the teaching and rejoined the praise team.

Find out what fits you in the life stages you are in. We were childless for 17 years. Now that we have a toddler, my involvement is different than it was before we had Nate. I'm around more moms, more kids, I have to work things around my child's schedule (and the fact we only have one car that runs!) but there are still things I can do and encourage my son to be involved in. I'm involved less with women's events but I'm ok with that right now. I would prefer to do more things with my husband since our time has become more limited with church, a toddler and my work.

If you are a pastor's family, find a friend you can totally confide in. My best friend has been with me through the ups & downs of ministry & life over the last 16 years. She lives in another city and I know I can call her & talk to her about anything. She's the person I can be real with, who accepts my flaws, listens to me vent, and refocuses me on the things that are important.

If you're a pastor's family, take one day off totally for YOUR family. That means...not answering your phone, your emails, no texting, no meeting with someone. The church will always be there. People will always need you. But for just ONE day, your family needs you without competing with the church or your jobs. In our early ministry years, we did not understand this and our marriage suffered greatly. Not only that, but our spiritual life suffered as well. We had to discipline ourselves to protect our family day. We have been blessed with a church family who is understanding and elders who enable us to protect our marriage and family. Our family day is Friday and most people know not to call us that day or leave a message and know we will get back to them after Friday. God intended for everyone to have a day of rest. And for us, this is our day to revitalize our marriage and spiritual life.

Well this turned out to be a lengthy post but I hope you find encouragement and motivation in it. Sometimes it's easier for me to write than to talk! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My parents left Friday to head back home. We really enjoyed their visit (Nate especially) and the time flew by. Last night we had our bi-weekly date night. Nate went to his sleepover and we went to dinner & a movie. I tell you what....when your kids are old enough to sleep over, finding friends that you can switch off kids every Friday is the way to go!

Today, Don had to work on his sermon & prepare for a wedding vow renewal, so I took Nate out & about to a petting zoo...complete with camel ride! Here's more photos that I added to our SPRING ALBUM

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning I was taking Nate for a walk and as I approached the corner of our street, I heard a weird buzzing sound. At first I couldn't place it but I knew it was a strange noise.

And then I saw them.....

BEES!! Swarming in a big cloud all over our next door neighbor's front yard. Killer bees are very common out here & I wasn't taking any chances. I backed away & went to the other side of the street. We supposedly have neighbors who own the house but it's been vacant for 6 months. I called the HOA and they didn't even have a contact number for them, so they said they'd take care of it. We went out to lunch later and the swarm was in a big clump on the big as a basketball...maybe larger. *shudder*! I hate bees. I have never been stung (and certainly don't plan on it) but it's my one phobia. Spiders, snakes, lizards...don't freak me out at all but bees & wasps....that's a different story.

Later this afternoon we thought the hive had left, but then we saw them buzzing around the ground under the tree. I think I saw them going in and out of the water meter so I'm assuming they're forming a hive in there. Ugh! I hope they get rid of them soon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Encanto Park

This past Saturday, Nate went to a friend's birthday party at Encanto Park in Phoenix. I've been going to this park since I was a toddler and it was SO much fun to finally take my own child. The park is so different than when I was a kid....they even sell Starbucks coffee drinks now. haha. The kids had a great time and we enjoyed it, although it was HOT in 90+ degree weather. Here's PHOTOS for you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nate's First Fish!

Every Friday morning (at least for the past few weeks), Don has got Nate up early to go fishing & grab breakfast at McDonalds. Nate loves it and I get to sleep in! Nate's been introduced to worms, hot dogs, liver...all kinds of bait. Today, the work paid off. He finally caught his first fish (crappie), all by himself!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa Ramos

My parents are in town for the week & Nate is LOVING it! The weather has been perfect so we've been out & about, going to stores that they don't have in their town & admiring all the wildflowers that are in bloom. I have eaten way more sweets than I needed to (and feel my jeans getting tighter by the hour. ha!) Here are several more photos for you to view in our EASTER ALBUM

Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a great service this morning! Loved seeing all the guests and everyone having a great time. We went over the 200 mark today and I hope that we see more faces return in the following weeks. Our new series started today, called Relationship Rescue and is loaded with practical, God stuff for every relationship. Hubby did a great job and we are now home, crashed and waiting for my parents to get here. Whoopee!! They get to stay a whole week & I'm excited to see them.

Nate had a great time celebrating all things Easter today, scored on his basket & the egg hunt and has also crashed for the last 3 hours. haha! Here's more PHOTOS of the day.

Happy Easter everyone! John 3:16...alive & well.