Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, the weather in Tucson has been pretty good here lately, although the road to Mt. Lemmon is still closed due to excessive snow. Guess the sledding will have to wait for awhile.

In the meantime, I'm thankful that I can still walk to the park with my 3 yr old. Nate is exerting his independence more & more which makes life interesting. There are things about this age that I love though. His personality is developing more & I love to see how he's learning, how his imagination is taking shape and how he can do more things for himself. Kind of nice to be able to say, "hey Nate, can you let the dog outside?" or "hey Nate, can you throw this away for me?" haha! He thinks it's a big deal to do those things so might as well take advantage of it while I can!

He is a happy boy & loves life. He also likes things a certain way, for instance....his friend J.J. came over for a play day & was using his lightsaber like a gun, saying "Bang! Bang!". Well that didn't sit well with Nate at all. After all, it's a "SWORD" not a gun! Those chubby cheeks & mouth turned into a huge frown & those frustration tears welled up in his eyes. Going to take him some time to know the meaning of the word "pretend". He got so mad, he ran into his room, slammed the door & refused to let his friend in! Good times.

We are having many teachable moments. It amazes me at times to see what runs through his head. We celebrate the little (but very big to him) accomplishments like, cracking nuts with the nutcracker, putting his puzzles together, putting his train track together, doing crafts, spelling words, snapping & zipping up his pants by himself, etc etc. The other day, he sang a song that he learned in bible class...all by himself. We didn't even know he knew it!

And I love those moments when he says, "Mom, I love you THIS much!"...and opens his arms as wide as he can.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Snow on Mt. Lemmon

This week we had a big winter storm blow through Tucson. Can you say, "tornado, flood & blizzard warning"? Seriously!!!! The wind was HORRIBLE & did some damage to parts of Tucson/Phoenix. In fact, a tornado did touch down in north Phoenix last week. Crazy! We got a lot of much needed rain and the weather made for good conversation for a week at least.

I started a new photo album on Facebook and began uploading more pictures. Here's the link for you:

Also check out my purse blog at D.S. Bag Design for the latest recycled coffee bag creations! I have started doing applique coffee bag art & am loving it!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


For those of you interested, I put all our photos on my facebook page. Just too many to put on the blog. Here's the link for our Christmas album:

Winter Wonder

I am so bummed we missed the snow at my parent's house! It snowed today & the lake across from their house iced over. Here's a photo of my dad standing on the frozen lake. Now you know where I get my craziness from. hahaha.


After a 2-day (exhausting) drive, we are finally home again! Sadly, all 3 of us have head colds & are sitting around hacking up a lung. We took our time coming home...partly because we weren't feeling well & decided to stay in hotels a couple of nights. We also took a spontaneous detour & visited our alma mater, Abilene Christian University & our early married stomping grounds. It's funny...things seemed bigger when we were there...or maybe it's just because 16 years of memories are slightly warped. haha. 

I'm a little bummed because my parents called & said it was snowing! I was so hoping to see snow before we left but it escaped their area. Seems like everyone around us got a whopping of it, though. Now we are back in the high 60's & wearing flip flops. Not too shabby.

We are looking forward to a new year with new goals. Namely, eating healthier & Nate starting preschool in the fall! In the meantime, we'll just look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year. Blessing to you all.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!!

Wishing everyone a great 2010!!

Lake Tara by our timeshare condo

Pretty nature trail

Downtown Atlanta by the Peach Drop on New Year's Eve

The Underground in downtown Atlanta

Happy New Year!!!!