Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday and Happy Heart Day!

Today is Arizona's 100th birthday!

My grandparents moved to Phoenix back in 1953 and my great uncle Bill helped build the 1-17 freeway there. I was born and raised in Phoenix so the Centennial has special meaning for me.

Happy Birthday Arizona and Happy Valentines to everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Vow

I had seen previews of this movie but didn't give it much thought....until I watched The Today show this morning. The movie is based on the real life story of Kim & Krickett Carpenter...Christ followers whose marriage was tested beyond belief when a brain injury, just 2 months after their wedding, left Krickett with amensia. She did not remember her husband...at all. Krickett is only 2 years younger than me and Don is only a year older than her hubby. Krickett was raised in Phoenix, like me and married not long after Don & I married. After coming off a weekend of a Love & Respect seminar and starting a new marriage series at church called "Angry Words", the timing of this kind of hit home.

Their story is one of faith, sacrifice, and real love. Now I am anxious to see the movie. But I think I better bring a pack of Kleenex!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration

Ni hao!

Last Sat., we went to Tucson's Chinese cultural center for their New Year celebration. It was packed...way more crowded than last year. I turned the camera over to Don so I could take Nate to play carnival games and stand (for an hour) in the appetizer food line. Grrr! It was fun but next year we'll come earlier. I was little bummed to miss all the entertainment but my asian genes must be wearing off on Don because he took some great photos! Oh and by the way....yes, Nate's pants are supposed to be cropped. haha. This is the last outfit we got from China and it's bittersweet to know he's nearly outgrown it.

Nate seems to be embracing his chinese heritage a little more. At first he did not appear interested in learning the language or the customs. But I think it helps that he has 2 other asian boys in his class and I told him it's pretty awesome that he can now say "I love you" in 4 different languages....one for each of us (English, Filipino, Chinese, & Amharic). We bought the African Playground cd and he LOVES the songs. Asks to listen to them over & over. He can even sing one of the songs Jambo Bwhana, almost completely in Swahili.

I have always had an interest in different cultures. Even in America, it's fascinating to me how people do things differently or eat different foods. I grew up thinking everyone made the tacos the same way our family did and was shocked when I found out that a friend's family made them a different way. Earth shattering, I know. haha. Did you know that when you travel east, you have to ask for unsweetened tea? And if you travel west, you have to ask for it sweetened (and according to hubby, it's not the same "sweet" as in the south). Mexican food in Arizona is WAY different than Mexican food in the midwest. In Arizona we have Indian Fry Bread (Native American made) and back east, I had never heard of perogies until a friend introduced me to them. In Tucson kids get off school for Rodeo Days. I thought that was weird, because I had never heard of that in Phoenix, until a native born Tucsonan told me why. Back in the day, schools would participate in the rodeo parade and families, in the rodeo itself. There were so many kids absent, they made it an official local holiday.

I'm fortunate to have a hubby, who although he doesn't have an ear for learning other languages, he has a love for all cultures, travel and a genuine interest in people. Always look forward to another adventure!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Nate sparring with blue belt friend, Nina

Finally was able to snap a decent photo of Nate demonstrating a roundhouse kick to his karate class. Usually I get the shot before or after....the kids are so fast! He's been doing really well and we're hoping he gets another stripe soon. They are very slow to promote 4-5 yr olds because his teacher wants the foundational skills to be ingrained in them first. Very cool to watch them and I'm glad Nate is not shy about demonstrating in front of everyone (kids and parents watching!) I would've been terrified! haha.