Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life can change in an instant.

Uncle David and Aunt Annette, visiting my parents house during their travels.

My Uncle David and Aunt Annette have been full time RVrs for years. They lived a simple life, traveling across the U.S. visiting relatives and friends and making new ones along the way. They were content and life was good, until a fateful day on Oct. 3, 2014. While traveling near Prescott, AZ, a sudden downdraft caused their trailer to fishtail. Unable to steady it, their truck and trailer flipped over 3 times, landing upside down on the road. Everything was totaled. My Uncle David was airlifted to Flagstaff hospital and is in ICU with a lacerated liver and broken bones in his neck. I am beyond thankful that they are alive but their life is anything but ok. Thankfully, my aunt had only minor injuries, however, the travel trailer was their only home. They lost every single item inside it so in a sense, they are homeless with mounting medical bills as my uncle will have a long road to recovery.

We have started a fundraising site through to help offset the medical costs and basic necessities that they will need. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated by all of our family and we encourage you to check out the site and forward it to everyone you can think of. Click on the link here or on the photo and link to the right to visit the site: DAVID AND ANNETTE FUNDRAISER

Thank you!!
Denise Sullivan

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