Friday, April 25, 2014

Quiet Book Project

I have been looking high and low for a Quiet Book for our 2-1/2 yr old son. A toy he could fiddle with but quiet enough that it didn't require batteries, would entertain him in the car, or not reverberate off the walls if he threw it on our tile floor. I remembered these as being fabric books that taught you how to tie, lace, zip, snap, button etc. Shouldn't be hard to find right? WRONG. After scouring the internet, the only places I could find one was Amazon and Etsy and they were well into the $25-$80 range! *cough* Not in the budget. Being the busy work-at-home mom with a very sociable, have to be around someone...anyone... toddler, I rolled my eyes at making one.


I finally gave in. So I figured, I'd make a very simple basic one that incorporated all of the above necessary skills in life. But, oh no. I'm an Art arteest. I own my own business and cannot do anything the simple basic easy way. So in my Clark Griswold thinking, I thought...

Wouldn't it be COOL to make a DISNEYLAND quiet book??!!?

And then my brain kicked into gear and next thing I know, I'm making sketches in Adobe Illustrator, hitting Michaels for felt and emptying my sewing box for odds and ends that I haven't ever used. 

Then I started sewing and I became OBSESSED with this crazy quiet book. Four pages later and I admit I had a lot of fun making this. Plus it whipped together faster than I expected (during the late night hours when said toddler...and hubby... are snoozing) and I can add pages later if I really wanted to.

So here you have it... Jax's Disneyland Quiet Book pages! I decided to make each page separate instead of a gianormous thick book so he can play with them one at a time. Click on the "lands" below to see each individual page. My inspiration came from this very talented designer.

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